A big part of fitting is the type of fabric used and the quality of those materials. We use three kinds of fabrics and continue to evolve the materials we use. Soon we'll bring 2.5 and 3 layer options for increased comfort.


Supplex is a nylon fabric with a soft cotton-like feel with high water and wind resistance. It also has excellent abrasion and tear resistant properties. Supplex manages moisture while keeping its vibrant color, wash after wash.


One Tooth chooses the most comfortable soft shell material. Our garments are made of the most comfortable mid-weight soft shell material, which is breathable, wind proof and water resistant. It is best suited for cold and dry conditions.

Cotton Terry

Our Cotton Terry fabric gives you the greatest touch compared to all the others. It is pre-washed with low shrinkage.

High Tech Specialized & Functional Textile

Environmental Protection, Advanced Lamination, Waterproof, Breathable, Windproof, Light & Comfortable, Keep Dry & Warm, Easy Care and Durability


One Tooth Fabric Palette

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